Wishing to fulfil your dream...

There’s nothing so much fun than to transform someone’s idea, concept or thought into a great result!

Event Planner

A business event or family celebration give the attention it deserves

Wedding Planner

Your big day.

Makes it care free and unforgettable!

How I can help you

planning, styling, designing, decorating, creating, handcrafting, customizing


A themed party in a simple and beautiful and still special to your kid.

Let’s make it as sweet as a children smile.

We first share ideas, think in a decor that fits better to your birthday boy/ girl style, plan the party sticking to your budget.

And just like a magic, and few secret touches we will have planned your party from A to Z.

Check on the last fun moments we had.


How do the party of your dream should look like?

Let’s plan your birthday, baby shower, family dinner, bachelor party… and I will make it happen!

I come to you anywhere in this small world! We plan everything ahead and I will make sure to get it and prepare all in detail. I will provide everything that is needed to make your guests feel very welcome to your celebration.

Making life much easier, I will be the point of contact for your guests and all vendors.

Up for a coffe? Call Me!


Your special day completely arranged, from the budget to your last guest says goodbye.

Being the fixed point of contact for all your vendors, makes it all be stress free for you.

Your big day gives a big smile every day.
Since 2012 planning weddings and feeling the emotion of every person’s dream come true.

Does not really matter how your day dream looks like. I can become true.

Many happy moments here.


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When and Where

 Live, Love, Dream…

What’s special about me

Always happy to design, plan and produce exceptional and bespoke events across the Netherlands and internationally.

Professional Work

Understand that our clients have busy lives, which is why I’ll help take the stress and hard work out of your party and event planning. Whether you’re organising a big birthday party, impressive dinner or anniversary party, I’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure every last detail is seen to at the highest level.

Putting too much on your own shoulders can spoil your own enjoyment on the day.

Personalised Plans

The services is tailored to your requirements, so there aren’t any fixed or restrictive packages.
Visit Services to know more.

Every brief is unique!
Bespoke Event Planning from beginning to end.

From establishing the budget and creating a workable timeline, to ensuring none of the finer details are forgotten about, you can be confident everything’s in hand with Anna Gallo Events.

Outstanding Ideas

Always an endlessly fresh and innovate ideas for breathtaking decor, source the best party entertainment.

I believe in bringing the personal touch to every project, ensuring that the end result is an event that befits your brand and individual requirements.

I like to get to know our clients to ensure that every event is totally unique, personal to them and above all, something spectacular.

Who I’ve Worked With

Thank you Anna, without you it wouldn’t have been so beautiful, nice and organised. Aluá and Jochem

The Hague

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