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My goal is to offer a fun and stress-free party with every detail planned. Everything is arranged. You will be a guest at your own party!

You will only have to think about one important item; the guest list. You can leave the rest to me. I give you a delicious, elegant, unique and fun theme party to create lasting memories with your family and friends.

Address: The Hague, Netherlands

Phone: 06 46897469


Forge my Dream
Before you receive a proposal, I would love to gather some initial information regarding your vision for your event. Please fill out this form to get started! (It’s ok if you do not know yet, just leave that as a note)
There's no lack of creativity! Tell which kind of event you need help with, it will be my pleasure to help.
It can be wether colors or elements (Acqua Blue, Rock n' Roll, etc.)
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